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Getting ready for my teaching debut

I’ve spent a majority of the last two days sprawled out on my living room floor and standing at my ironing board surrounded by so many four-pointed orange scraps from the 120 circles of fabric I’ve been cutting out for my craft class. I may have watched more TV in the past few days than I have in a long time. I didn’t even go outside today. Hopefully all of my cutting, ironing, pinning, and packing will pay off on Thursday when I teach a group of forty adults how to make fabric pumpkins as part of the Tustin Library Craft Guild’s free craft program. I’m super nervous. On top of that, CLA ’11 is fast approaching and I will need to save some energy for that. So last night, I tried to de-stress. I put on some Lucero and made my new favorite meal, Chickpea Picatta from Post Punk Kitchen. Tonight, I inexplicably watched a 19 Kids and Counting marathon. And that is that.

For something so beige, it was sure flavorful.

What I Listen to During Fall

Grab a blanket, put on the kettle, and get ready for some good music to accompany the view of falling leaves and rain outside your window.

1. Radical Face – Ghost

The 2007 album by Ben Cooper of Electric President. It evokes what autumn does: melancholy, introspection, and desire for escape and comfort.

Here is the song that made me fall in love with the album.

“Welcome Home, Son”

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