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Washington, DC

Last weekend I packed a little suitcase and hopped a plane to Washington DC to visit my friend Julia. Julia and I met freshman year of college at UCSD and instantly bonded over a mutual respect and love for old school punk. She was a world literature major in college and decided to go to law school at American University’s Washington College of Law. I was a communication studies major with an informal emphasis in rhetoric and decided to go to library school. Go figure. But here we are!

Before one of our early morning shows on KSDT

I arrived on Thursday evening. After quickly making my way via Metro into the city, I met Julia at a Caribou Coffee and we walked a few blocks to a dive bar located in the basement of an office building to meet her WCL friends. On the way home I developed a bad case of the hiccups. The good thing was that holding my breath in attempts to get rid of them allowed me to block out the smell of crow. Yes, crow. You see, a randomly located undeveloped lot with thousands of tall trees is unheard of in Orange County (protected parks don’t count). These make good sleeping places for crows. Crows smell like rotting flesh and bird poop. Once I was safely esconced in Julia’s apartment, the building of which is located next to the randomly located undeveloped lot with thousands of trees and stinky sleeping crows, I made my little bed out of couch cushions, washed up, and fell into a deep sleep.

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