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Library Student Day in the Life, part II

I apologize – this DITL is from this past Wednesday, since it was one of the more exciting (read: stressful) days this week.

7:30 – wake up and get ready for the day.

9:00 – arrive at Heritage Park Regional Library, where I’m asked to weed a shelf of children’s books.

10:00 – apologize profusely for having to leave even though I could only finish half of the books (they’re skinny, thus, there’s more of them on the shelf). I need to catch up on a lecture before my group meeting in the afternoon.

10:30 – arrive home and listen to an Elluminate recording of a LIBR 248 (cataloging) lecture while I do chores around the house. Going to school online is pretty neat that way.

12:00 – quickly eat lunch and dash out the door to the internship. Since I have to park so far away from Chapman’s library, and because I have to drive through Old Town Orange to get to the parking lot during lunch rush on weekdays, I have to leave about an hour ahead of time.

1:00 – arrive at Chapman, copy catalog some children’s books, feature films, and gift monographs.

4:00 – done! Take a quick break outside before heading back in to meet with my LIBR 248 group via Elluminate.

4:30 – the group meeting starts. We finish our first practice assignment and make plans to submit it that night.

5:45 – drive home, make a quick stop at Von’s to pick up 3 carrots, a lemon, and some mango Naked Juice.

6:30 – home! Open laptop, join Elluminate session for the SLIS Career Workshop (late), and start chopping up carrots, celery, and onions to make Zov’s golden lentil soup.

8:00 – soup is FINALLY DONE. I always underestimate how long it takes to make it, but it is my favorite soup on earth: fat free, tons of fiber, lemony, slightly salty, comforting, and delicious. I catch up on some forum postings while I eat.

11:00 – sweet sleep.

Library Student Day in the Life, part I

7:00 am – Wake up; shower and stuff.

8:00 – Make myself a poached egg on an English muffin; read the newspaper while I eat.

9:30 – Arrive at the research library, make myself a big cup of coffee because I can tell it’s going to be one of those days*, and grab 6 books off of the process cart to catalog. One of the former volunteers at the garden passed away, and a couple months ago, his son donated all of his books to us. There are about a bazillion boxes to keep me and the other volunteers busy.

10:30 – Catalog a book on venomous animals and plants. Realized I had no idea there were so many kinds of rattlesnakes, and that a lot of those venomous spiders live indoors. Ick.

12:00 – Headache settles in. Happily reflect upon the fact that none of the records in OCLC have been that bad, and there are no supposed duplicates in our library of any of the books. I say “supposed” because last week, I ran into no less than 4 records in OCLC and our catalog that say we had a book, and when I went to find it, it wasn’t there.

1:00 – Venture outside for lunch break. Look around to see if there are any rattlesnakes or spiders where I want to sit. Even though I knew it would be 97 degrees yesterday, I packed myself some leftover vegetable soup. Not the best choice, but delicious nonetheless. Read Lindsey Pollak’s Getting from College to Career while I eat.

1:15 – Back inside. Headache has worsened, probably from the heat. I remind myself to pack more water and a bottle of Aleve next time as I grab some more books. I am going to be under quota today.

3:00 – Start cataloging a few books on bamboo physiology. Surprised at the abundance of LCSHs on bamboo, read through them. Run across the term “very swollen node” and an accompanying picture in one of the books and gag a little. You’d never guess I was the daughter of a nurseryman.

4:30 – Done for the day. Sign out. Eye a pretty book from the sale pile that I want to get for my parents. Asst. Librarian lets me take it for free. I make a note to bring homemade cookies next week.

5:45 – Home. My brother and his girlfriend are on their way out to take the dogs for a walk, leaving me with a nice, cool, peaceful house.

6:00 – Change into home clothes and catch up on email. Arrange with my faculty internship advisor to register late for my Fall internship, which starts August 30. Catch up on the discussions on the job search boards for SJSU SLIS and on LinkedIn. Remind myself to start making notes of good advice and info. (Make a note to make notes. Efficient!)

7:00 – Sit outside on the patio and read some of Seth Godin’s The Dip.

7:30 – Dad comes home with steak. I start making tomato salad with tomatoes from our garden.

8:30 – Have a brief Google Chat conversation with Sunny about tomorrow (which is now today) when I have to say goodbye before he goes back to Pittsburgh again. Get the sads and pop in a Daria DVD. Start working on a crocheted blanket so I can whittle down my yarn stash quicker than I could with a knitted blanket.

11:30 – Make a list of things to do tomorrow, then fall asleep and have nightmares.

*Even the KPCC hosts and KCRW DJs were getting all tongue-tied yesterday. Must be something in the air.