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Kindle Friends: The Untold Story

“What don’t you get, Maggie? I can’t be bothered to go to ‘bookstores’ anymore. I have a Kindle now. I thought you’d understand.”

Maggie choked down the lump in her throat and decided to say something.

“I just thought you’d want to come along, Jason. You know, you did this to me last month when you got that stupid Keurig single-cup coffee maker thing. Remember? I asked you to come with me to that new coffee shop on 6th and you told me you ‘don’t do coffee shops anymore.'”

“That was different.”

“Yeah? How so?”

“I have….”

“They talk about you, you know,” Maggie interjected. “You haven’t been out with us in a long time. We’re worried about you. But now I’m starting to sense a pattern here. Let me see that Kindle. This was the exact book I was going to get. Why don’t you just come with me to the bookstore and we can go to the park and read it together?”

Jason knew she meant well, but he refused to let his guard down. He had a secret to protect.

“No thanks,” he said, turning to walk up the stairs to his building. “I guess I’ll see you later. Have fun at the bookstore.”

To be continued…