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Thirsty Thursday: Drip Coffee

This Thirsty Thursday is dedicated to drip coffee, simply because for the first time in weeks I woke up in time to grab some this morning before my dad left for work (my parents leave for work when it’s still dark out, year round). Being able to make my own coffee was a perk of living alone. I lived for my coffee-making routine during the times when I lived alone. Now I drink what my parents drink, but it’s free, so N.B.D.

Let’s return to why I was awake. I have been restless and swimming in my own thoughts last night after reading the one-sentence decision from the Supreme Court to deny the request for a stay of execution for Troy Davis, who died at 11:08 PM EST. Reading about his last words and the MacPhail family’s reaction as he was executed (they smiled) was heart-wrenching. The words “pure evil” have always come to mind whenever I hear a statement from one of the members of that family. After all that’s happened, I feel we owe it to Davis to continue to pursue REAL justice in this country and fight against the proliferation of the death penalty. (Did you know capital punishment is legal in California?)

So I didn’t sleep well last night. This morning I thought about how lucky I am to be alive, warm and comfortable in my own bedroom. My current worries include: how soon I’m going to get my Kindle back from my grandma so I can finish reading my library book* that’s due in 13 days, staying within a $200 budget for the crafting class I’m teaching at the Tustin Library in a month, finding a job, and whether or not to walk home from a friend/neighbor’s house late tomorrow night in the dark because a) I’ll probably be drinking and b) we live too close together to justify driving.

Actually, the last one is a legitimate concern for my own safety for valid reasons. But that’s another day. Overall, I’m very fortunate.

*After Dark by Haruki Murakami

Thirsty Thursday: Latte Hands at Kean

The next few days are gonna be kind of quiet around here. Tomorrow morning I’m flying up to Seattle to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousins and celebrate my birthday!

I’ll try to drop in if I have a moment. Have a nice weekend!

Thirsty Thursday: Stone Brewing Co., Escondido, CA

Last Saturday, I went to Stone Brewing Co. for the first time.

My friend Ryan picked me up around 3. Oddly enough, it took us an hour to get from Tustin to San Clemente (normally a 20-30 minute drive). But it worked out perfectly! We arrived around 5PM, right before they were going to hand out passes to the last tour of the night (7PM). We were #20 and #21 in line(-ish), and they only let 25 people in. So we got our passes and then fought our way to the cocktail area for some food and pre-tour beers. We had the jalapeno/cilantro hummus and the unbelievably good Spud Buds (beer and garlic mashed potatoes deep fried in beer batter with a side of Ruination IPA BBQ sauce). I ordered a Pliny the Elder to go along with our food but they had just run out. I ordered a Ruination instead and it was pretty great as uszh. After killing some time, we made our way to the tour.

I learned many facts about beer/breweries. Here are the ones that stuck out in my mind (I have yet to verify some of these, but here they are):

  • The matriarch of the family would make beer for her family weekly because the water quality in the olden days (unspecified) was so poor.
  • During this unspecified time, the kids who drank beer were more productive, happier and healthier than the kids who drank only water.
  • Beer offers essential nutrients.
  • The lime-wedge-rubbed-around-the-rim trend started when people wanted to sanitize their used/unwashed bottles and glasses. The used/unwashed bottle thing still happens in some countries today.
  • Men who drink beer regularly have better prostate health.
  • Women who drink beer regularly have better bone density.
  • Something about beer being good for skin? I vaguely remember our guide talking about this.
  • Wort smells like Grape Nuts (after all, beer is just fermented cereal water).
  • The brewing area of breweries is really warm and humid.
  • A cold walk-in-fridge full of hops smells like heaven (my opinion, but really, FACT, know what I mean?)

After our tour, Ryan and I got our 4 free pours (including the Smoked Porter, my other favorite beer from Stone) while he waited for his growler to get filled with the ’09 Double Bastard (it was a special release). Shortly after, Tim and his brother and sister arrived, and we finally sat down to dinner around 9:30. I had an Avery White Rascal, pretzels with the most amazing whole grain mustard I’ve ever tasted in my life (I started eating it on its own like a real lady with good manners), and the tempeh shepherd’s pie (so good, but I was pretty full of beer at that point so I took it home).

After a stroll through the garden we all went home. It was lovely. My mom has plans to take us back there for my dad’s birthday in September. I can’t wait.

Thirsty Thursday: Pliny the Elder, Russian River Brewing Co.

A small rant, to begin: I have recently seen the emergence of two ladybeers: Animée (what?) and the even more unfortunately named Chick Beer. I’m not sure when beer marketing executives are going to realize that lots of women like the same beer that the menfolk like, but I hope they do it soon.

Alright, now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about beer beer: Pliny the Elder, a double IPA from Russian River Brewing Company right here in the good ol’ state of California. I tried Pliny for the first time a few weeks ago when it was on tap at Tustin Brewing Company and my mind was blown after my first sip. I don’t often like hoppy beers, but I loved this one. The citrus balanced it out perfectly. So, if you ever see this on tap somewhere, get yourself some (I haven’t had it bottled yet so I can only truly recommend getting it on tap).

Thirsty Thursday: Turkish Latte at Kéan Coffee

This inaugural Thirsty Thursday post is dedicated to a drink I can’t wait to have when I can wear boots and cardigans again: the Turkish Latte at Kéan Coffee.

latte art in progress

[Not an actual Turkish Latte from Kéan, but it should be. The baristas at Kéan are pretty excellent at their latte foam art.]

Espresso + milk + cardamom + sweetener. Mildly sweet with a hint of spice. They have helped me through hours upon hours of Sunday homework.