Meatless Monday: Peach and Cashew Salad

This weekend was nice. I spent some time organizing and cleaning (surprise!) and running errands on Friday. On Saturday I had a good workout and went with friends to Stone Brewery in Escondido. My friend Ryan and I managed to snag spots for the 7pm tour. After the guys got their growlers filled with the ’09 Double Bastard, we ate dinner out on the patio. We got home around 1AM. I was exhausted on Sunday so I decided to stay in my pajamas, organize photos on my computer, and tweak my blog layout.

Last Monday I managed to screw up stir fry. Anyone who’s made stir fry before knows it’s pretty hard to screw up stir fry. I blame myself for not checking to see if the veggies we had were good. It was just…bad. I’d rather not discuss it. We ended up getting burgers from In-N-Out instead.

The next day I made myself a pretty great salad for lunch. Spring mix + peaches + cashews + Makoto ginger/carrot dressing. It was nothing extraordinary but it sure was tasty.

I’m looking forward to making more interesting veggie dishes. Salad is way too easy!

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