Sunrise behind some clouds and silhouettes of trees

I wrote this out during my blogging hiatus.

I believe in…

* the power of a hand written thank you note
* greeting my front yard before the sun does
* saying “thank you” to my dogs when they obey my commands
* saying “thank you” to everyone who shows me kindness
* playing a song over and over and so loud that it feels like it is pulsing through my veins
* eating dinner with my mom and Grammy every Friday night
* reading an extra book with my cousin when she asks, even though she should have been sleeping an hour ago
* spending $3 a month on books at the library used bookstore
* treating myself to a giant bowl of ramen with extra noodles
* getting a little excited for morning commutes because it means more time for music
* wearing bright pink or red lipstick just for fun
* ignoring nay-sayers
* taking things a day at a time instead of setting up strict daily schedules for myself

I may not believe in these things a year from now. I may not believe in these things two days from now. But here they are.

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