Today is the unofficial last day of winter break for me. I slept in instead of showering before heading to the library to volunteer this morning. Oops. I was able to shower as soon as I got home, and tomorrow marks the first day of the 6AM wake-up, so it’s ok. After almost 20 straight years of being a student I have finally learned that I can’t concentrate on work at night. The thought of shoveling dinner into my mouth while reading PDFs or discussion forums is so depressing to me. So I’m vowing to get my work done before dinner whenever possible (excluding class meetings). I have no problem waking up early, so why not? I was inspired in part by this guy whose study schedule was featured on one of my favorite blogs, Study Hacks. He’s pre-med and manages to finish studying by 5:30PM every day. Pretty impressive!

I did a test-run of my new study schedule yesterday. This is what 6AM looks like:

sun rising over my neighbors' houses

Good thing it’s pretty. By the end of the day I still hadn’t finished what I wanted to. I was frequently distracted by YouTube*, which is probably testament to a larger problem: senioritis. Resulting in lack of focus. I was in a sour mood by bedtime. Must learn to focus, and must find motivation. Must do this soon: my new internship starts tomorrow. I’m feeling less nervous and more excited about it these days. In fact, I’m feeling a little better already. May 17th, here I come!

*Here’s one of the culprits for your enjoyment. Stars – “Elevator Love Letter”

Now back to work.

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