Pittsburgh pt. II

A week ago today I flew back home from Pittsburgh where I visited Sunny for a week. If I’d documented everything I did in pictures you’d be bored: I spent a lot of time indoors studying. We did get to go out a few times, though.

This is me outside the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. I love museums of natural history, especially ones with dinosaur skeletons. We also hung out in the rocks and gems exhibit and saw some beautiful jewelry. On a side note, I knitted that hat two years ago. I wish I had more time to knit these days!

Cathedral of Learning at University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning

These were taken when I walked with Sunny to CMU and then went off to Carnegie Library to study in their very old and beautiful reading room.

Leigh in front of fountain in Schenley Plaza

It's not glare. I actually shoot beams of light from my right eye. Totally helps when I can't find my keys in my black bag.

On the last night I was there we went to Union Grill for pierogies. Eating pierogies is pretty much a requirement while visiting Pittsburgh. It’s like visiting LA and eating tacos: mandatory and delicious. After Union Grill we were going to walk to the botanical gardens but we were so full that we decided to take a short walk down Forbes and around the Pitt campus. The above picture was from that walk, I think at Schenley Plaza.

Now I’m back and excited for Thanksgiving. How excited? I have to make a screencast for a class that teaches people how to use a social software tool. Mine is going to be about using social bookmarking from the point of view of someone who wants to use it to build a digital repository of Thanksgiving recipes. I think I’m going to try Jing to record it, but I’m open to other suggestions as long as the software has audio capabilities.

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