Library Student Day in the Life, part II

I apologize – this DITL is from this past Wednesday, since it was one of the more exciting (read: stressful) days this week.

7:30 – wake up and get ready for the day.

9:00 – arrive at Heritage Park Regional Library, where I’m asked to weed a shelf of children’s books.

10:00 – apologize profusely for having to leave even though I could only finish half of the books (they’re skinny, thus, there’s more of them on the shelf). I need to catch up on a lecture before my group meeting in the afternoon.

10:30 – arrive home and listen to an Elluminate recording of a LIBR 248 (cataloging) lecture while I do chores around the house. Going to school online is pretty neat that way.

12:00 – quickly eat lunch and dash out the door to the internship. Since I have to park so far away from Chapman’s library, and because I have to drive through Old Town Orange to get to the parking lot during lunch rush on weekdays, I have to leave about an hour ahead of time.

1:00 – arrive at Chapman, copy catalog some children’s books, feature films, and gift monographs.

4:00 – done! Take a quick break outside before heading back in to meet with my LIBR 248 group via Elluminate.

4:30 – the group meeting starts. We finish our first practice assignment and make plans to submit it that night.

5:45 – drive home, make a quick stop at Von’s to pick up 3 carrots, a lemon, and some mango Naked Juice.

6:30 – home! Open laptop, join Elluminate session for the SLIS Career Workshop (late), and start chopping up carrots, celery, and onions to make Zov’s golden lentil soup.

8:00 – soup is FINALLY DONE. I always underestimate how long it takes to make it, but it is my favorite soup on earth: fat free, tons of fiber, lemony, slightly salty, comforting, and delicious. I catch up on some forum postings while I eat.

11:00 – sweet sleep.

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