Saturday Metadata

Image of a half-knitted iPod case

How I'm spending my Saturday

As someone who has poor circulation (perpetually cold hands), I’m loving the secret pockets on this.

Newsflash! Steampunk is on the rise.

I know as librarians we are supposed to believe in such noble causes as using technology to educate our local and global communities, but sometimes I feel like this is closer to reality.

I’m adding this to my list of things I wish I had read when I started library school last year (but it wasn’t published then).

Useful if you forget to log out of Facebook from a shared computer.

$0.09 bagels? Get the heck outta town! I’m going to have to try this with the jalapenos and serranos from our garden.

Knitter, fashionista, school librarian, perpetual smiler, and owner of these awesome yellow shoes.

Do one of these things today.

One response to “Saturday Metadata

  1. Thanks for the mention!

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