Puppy Tuesday

It’s Tuesday. This week has already been tough. My gift to myself and my readers is a picture of a kit. The red foxes in Morro Bay seem to be having a tough time, too. Here’s to having a much better week, starting tonight.

3 of 5 Red Fox Pup(s) Morro Bay, CA 26 May 2008

Oh helloooooo.

Mike Baird has plenty of wonderful photos, but I couldn’t resist this one because red foxes are cute and he referenced Mike Evans of the highly revered California native plant nursery Tree of Life Nursery in his description. I believe I’ve cataloged at least one of Mr. Evans’ papers in the RSABG Occasional Publications series. As for the red foxes of Morro Bay, I hope that nature has worked itself out and that they are OK.

And with that, I am going to shower, change into my jammies, crawl into bed and watch King of the Hill until I drift into a deep sleep. Dang ol’ goodnight *mumble mumble*.

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